"Immediate, transformative fitness training. A total game-changer..."

"I was able to transform from the worst to the best shape of my life only in a few months."

"Superb training for strength and fitness."

"The information really helped me make a better connection to the way I was moving my body. "

"Working with Scott, I felt real change happening."

- Brian Sherman

- Tamas Kalman

- Jed Miller

- Sarah Henry

- David Sals

May I be blunt with you?

If you are reading this it's very likely because you are unsatisfied with your body...how it looks, how it feels, how it functions.

You know you are capable of so much more.

You've probably tried and failed more than once to change:

New Year Resolutions.

A glance in the mirror.

Perhaps even a wake up call from your physician.

You've made admirable attempts, filled with promise and optimism, only to find your motivation flagging after a few painful weeks, with little results to show for the ordeal.

I'm here to tell you, it's not your fault. Not entirely. 

Until now, you've failed at your fitness goals for one of three reasons:

1. You've been sold a lie.

The fitness industry, like so many these days, relies on marketing hype and hope in order to sell it's services. Get this gadget, try this fad diet, take this supplement, and you will magically get in shape! Fast, Easy, Painless...these are the mantras the industry uses to appeal to our innate instinct for instant gratification.

Most big box gyms oversell their memberships because they are counting on you to lose motivation and stop attending.

The Truth: I don't believe in perpetuating this lie. I believe in your capacity to transform, but the only way that's going to happen is if you have the right mindset going in...

If you've never been in-shape, never learned to use your body, I'm here to tell you that transforming your body is hard. Possibly the hardest thing you've ever done. It will tax not only every fiber of your body, but your mental tenacity and emotional resolve as well. It certainly won't happen quickly either (but see the case study below), and will require many months, perhaps even years of constant, consistent effort and attention.

On the other hand, the benefits you will gain from your commitment go far beyond the cosmetic changes. You will develop your willpower and self-control, while the confidence and increased vitality that comes from mastering your own body will enhance every aspect of your life.

2. Your information is faulty.

Supposing you have all the motivation in the world; you know the process of progress is a path of pain and hard work, and you've accepted and prepared for the long journey to come. You've been busting your ass in the gym, eating everything (you've been told is) right, and still you're not getting the results you were hoping for when you set out to change.

Worse, so much information seems to be contradictory, and there are no shortage of options... Is cardio good for you, or bad? High-Intensity Intervals, or Slow Steady-State? First fat was bad, now it's carbs. To stretch or not to stretch? Yoga, or Crossfit? P90X or Fitmob boot camps? It boggles the mind.

The Truth: It's easy to sabotage yourself without even realizing it. You can be sweating your butt off in the gym and still the scale won't budge if your nutrition is faulty. If your form is off, if you have lingering injuries or imbalances, if you've been sitting in chairs for years and your muscles have lost tone and neuromuscular control, then even the best mass-market program won't work as advertised.

Even Olympians have a coach.

Effort without know-how is as futile as know-how without action...in some cases worse as the wrong action might lead to serious or permanent injury.

3. You don't believe in yourself.

This is the most insidious of the three, because it might be buried so deeply that you don't even realize it. You might not think you are capable, or worse, that you don't deserve it. The obstacles in your path seem too many, too daunting, the mountain too tall. It might be that the familiarity of how it's always been is comfortable and preferable to the uncertainties of change, or the looming possibility of yet another failure. Maybe you feel like you're too far gone, or think you're too old to turn the ship around.

The Truth: You were born to be strong. You were born to move. Regardless of your age you are either building yourself up, training against entropy, and shoring up your weaknesses or... you are regressing, slowly giving in to atrophy. There really is no such thing as true stasis.

With the right combination of mind-set, know-how, and action...

With intelligent training protocols tailored to your unique body...

With the best nutrients at the optimal times...

You WILL witness yourself transform...

Meet Dave Yaginuma

Before: 25% Bodyfat as verified by a Dual Energy X-Ray Absorbtiometry (DEXA) Scan

A 47 year-old software engineer living in San Francisco with his wife and two young daughters; while he'd always remained lightly to moderately active, the busyness of life had begun taking it's toll.

He could feel his age catching up to him.

His energy and vitality began to flag.

Realizing that the downward trend would continue, that the deterioration would progress, and fearing he might not have the energy and fitness to enjoy his best years with his children, Dave resolved to take action.

At first he wasn't sure what path he should take...

He bought a kayak, but that didn't really make him stronger and completely neglected his legs.

Body-building didn't seem the right way either. He didn't want to get bloated and bulky.

What he needed was a functional way of building strength and mobility that could fit into his full and busy life.

Having never before practiced any kind of rigorous strength protocol, in the first 12 weeks of our program (only 6 of which were dedicated to training), Dave shed a remarkable 23 pounds of body fat, while simultaneously gaining 3 pounds of lean muscle (no easy feat), and significantly increasing his strength, endurance, and mobility. As verified by Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) scans, he went from 25% body fat down to 12%!

After: 12 weeks later Dave was down to 12% BodyfatMost

Importantly, his transformation was not merely aesthetic...

He is stronger...

And performing skills he never thought were possible for him...

Dave's results are not atypical.

What he has done, so you can do as well.

Let me give you what Gym Class should have been...a real physical education.

A Blueprint designed to get you into super-shape.  From scratch.

You must get FED UP with where you are at.

You must be REALLY ready to change, now and for the rest of your life.

Decide that NOW is the time. Get the BEST information. Then ACT.

If you are serious about attaining the body you were born for, it is my mission to help you attain it.


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