Why On-Site Massage?

More and more of the coolest companies have it.

It's one of the single greatest perks you can offer. 

Your employees are requesting it, and excited by the prospect.

So What's all the buzz about???

It’s about Retention.

It’s no secret: attracting and hiring top talent is expensive.  Keeping retention levels high is crucial piece of the bottom line.  Forward -thinking companies like Google and Facebook recognize this, and set themselves apart by making the workplace itself an attractor.  On-site massage shows you care about your workers' health and well-being.  It sets you apart as an awesome place to work, where people look forward to coming in every day, and giving their best.

It’s about Productivity.

Without getting into the technical reasons here, even a short bodywork session in the middle of the day can have a direct and profound effect on employee energy, focus, and in-the-moment productivity.  Simply put, a worker who is more relaxed, mentally alert, pain-free, focused, and stoked to be on the job will get more work done at a higher level of quality.

It’s about Injury Prevention.

Worker’s compensation is a huge expense.  Long hours, poor posture, and repetitive strain combine to hurt your people, and hurt your bottom line.  Accidents happen, but most workplace injuries are completely preventable. Hands-on bodywork is a phenomenal preventative measure that, when combined with good workplace ergonomics can have a dramatic and immediate positive impact on lowering the rate of workplace injuries and compensation claims.

It’s about Time Management.

Today’s job market demands more of us than ever before.  We spend more time at our jobs than any other area of our life, and we are all overloaded, overworked, and over-stressed. Bringing services on-site, such as massage therapists, stylists, and gourmet chefs not only shows that you care about your employees, but saves them time and hassle that would otherwise distract them from bringing their A-Game, every day.

It's not just a Perk.

We believe bodywork is not a luxury. Balance, Alignment, Relaxation...these are the keys to good health and longevity. And these are exactly what we sacrifice at the altars of our workstations. Long hours in chairs weaken us, tighten our muscles, robbing us of our innate vitality.

A bodywork session is like a tune-up. The body is unwound, releasing tension. Nerve centers are stimulated, increasing awareness. Circulation and respiration improve, bringing more oxygen to the brain and other organs...

Bodywork, in the most literal sense, improves our quality of life.

However, not all bodyworkers are created equal.

Your employees deserve the very best care.

What to look for when choosing your on-site bodywork provider:  

  •  Quality: How many years of experience do the providers have? The average career length for massage therapists is only 5 years, but those who remain with the profession stay for 20 years or longer.

  • Reviews: What are their previous clients saying? Third-party review sites like Yelp! offer a more comprehensive view.
  • Risk Management: Are they licensed, certified, and independently insured? Let your legal team rest easy knowing that your company is protected.

With 17 years of experience, fully licensed and insured, and with rave reviews, we are confident in calling ourselves the very best in the business.

Let us rock your workplace...


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