"Scott is the ultimate massage therapist."

"Working with Scott, I felt real change happening."

"Everything a professional massage should be."

"It just doesn't get any better."

"I literally felt like I was levitating."

"I was giddy for a full day after."

"The Michael Phelps of bodyworkers."

"He has giant, and I mean enormous, hands."

"Truly one of the best therapists I have been to."

"THANK YOU Scott, you ROCK!"

"Like being held, nurtured, and healed by a loving mountain."

"His hands are truly his instrument."

"Nothing has compared to my massage with Whole New Body."

"A unique and powerful experience."

- Dani Bicknell

- David Sals

- David Schlussel

- Laura T

- Michael Costuros

- Dani S

- Vatra A

- Jennifer Jachym

- Lauren H

- Michelle S

- Damien Jones

- Cristobal Prieto

- Andrew H

- Eric Kipp

Bodywork is not a Luxury. It is your Birthright.

Literally. Infant children will perish when deprived of the touch of other humans . And while as adults we may have learned to survive without it, we will not truly thrive in it's absence. Athletes require it to perform at their best, but even the average person will experience remarkable benefits.

Marketing experts often talk about defining your niche as a business owner. It's all about narrowing down who you are speaking to because, as the saying goes, if you serve everyone you'll end up serving no one.

It's great advice, and some that I follow myself with regards to my Body Transformation program, but when it comes to bodywork, it's rubbish.

If You Have a Body, then Bodywork is for You. 

Your body is incredible vessel, and the most fundamental arbiter of your experience. It is at once a mechanical conveyance for your consciousness and the most primal expression of your identity. And, like all machines, regular tune-ups and preventative maintenance help keep it running smoothly. Bodywork is a key part of that maintenance, one of the four pillars of health along with nutrition, training, and how you use your mind.

It Does a Body Good.

A bodywork session is like a tune-up. The body is unwound, releasing and rebalancing tension. Nerve centers are stimulated, increasing proprioceptive awareness. Circulation and respiration improve, bringing more oxygen to the brain and other organs. Injuries can be assessed and addressed. Muscle recovery is hastened and enhanced...

Bodywork, in the most literal sense, improves your quality of life.

A Master Technician.

With nearly 17 years of hands-on experience, I've now dedicated half of my life to the study and practice of working with the body. I'm often asked about what style I practice, what modalities I employ, what philosophy I follow...

The Best of East and West.

Western massage views the body as discreet tissues: muscles, tendons, fascia, adhesions. Eastern massage approaches energy flows within the body...the nervous system, fluids, and how the body itself flows through the forces of physics and the field of gravity. 

Over many years I've honed a unique style that blends the best of East and West. Myofascial techniques with an eye towards functional movement and structural integration combine with accupressure techniques designed to stimulate awareness and balance tension. 

What to Expect...

This breadth and depth of technique allows for a variety of bodywork experiences:

My blending of styles typically begins with a shiatsu-style warm-up, before getting into the deeper layers of the soft tissue using water-dispersable oils or massage cream.

You will be able to choose from several different essential oils...your nose will know best! Be sure to let me know if you have any topical allergies or are sensitive to scents, as unscented oils are available upon request.

Or you might opt for an Eastern-style session, combining passive stretching, mobilization, and unwinding, skipping the oil in favor of a kneading experience administered through loose-fitting clothing.

Depending on your body's needs and personal preference, a session might be geared towards sports massage, enhancing performance and addressing injuries with active assisted stretches and neuromuscular facilitation techniques...

Perhaps you are in need of of deep relaxation, and request a meditative session. To set aside the stresses of life and just breath fully again. With soothing hypnotic touch, you will drift into a state of profound bliss and presence that will have you floating off the table with a natural high.

Or you might choose some combination of the above...every session is tailored just for you, how you feel, and exactly what you need most in the moment...

Sessions always begin with the question, "How may I help you today?" Followed by deeper inquiry, and taking an oral history of any relevant conditions.

My role is to be a partner with you, and an advocate for your health and well-being. It all starts with You...

Invest in Your Body. Invest in Your Self.

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