"His most amazing strength, though, is his listening. He tailors your work to your goals and he "listens with his hands" to tell what your body needs to get to the next level safely. Scott's a teacher as well as a trainer, using just the right amount of information to help you understand how things work and listen to your own body better."


"With Scott's training program I was able to transform from the worst to the best shape of my life in only a few months."


"The new fitness routine that Scott has me on is focused on core strength and re-programming faulty muscle recruitment patterns. The core work I do now I've needed to do for 20 years! Seriously, I wish I had this coaching 10 years ago."


"Scott worked with me to develop a strength training program that developed my muscles evenly, while still focusing on the upper body strength I'm missing. He really tailors the workouts to my current energy levels, and strength. We even started working on handstands, a personal goal of mine."


"In one word, amazing. Scott is the ultimate massage therapist. I have had many different types of massage in my lifetime and his unique combination of techniques perfectly suited to your body makes you melt like a popsicle on the 4th of July." 

"He is also a wealth of knowledge. He gave me great tips about how to care for myself better and really focus on health and well-being. He is personable, professional and works with any schedule. He is super great if you are new to massage as well. Scott is the best!"


"Scott is incredibly talented, personable, and insightful. I was experiencing shoulder pain and joint laxity in my left shoulder - in just one session, Scott was able to accurately assess my condition and offer me several strengthening practices that I have used successfully and continue to utilize to this day. I believe in Scott's effort, enthusiasm, and expertise!"


"I was imagining a good massage. What I got instead was far beyond that. Scott employs both active and passive stretching in his work, as well as many different modalities. He works with you, not on you, and explains everything as he goes."

"Scott encouraged me to stretch -- literally -- beyond what I thought were my limits, but he did it in a very conscious and careful way, always being sure to meet my body exactly where it was at. The result was that I felt looser than I had in quite a while, and much less sore than I expected."

"Then he showed me several stretches I could do on my own, and made sure I did each one correctly. I've had a lot of different types of bodywork. Most massage feels good at the time, but doesn't have any lasting impact. Working with Scott, I felt real change happening."


"I had the incredible luck to find Scott's talent, and while I live in NYC I make a point of scheduling a massage with Scott every time I'm in San Francisco (usually at least 2x/year).  I have visited many world-class spas, but never found a therapist with Scott's skill, strength, caring & amazing energy."

"Scott seems to have an intuitive sense of his client's body and every massage incorporates unique elements that leave me feeling relaxed and energized.  Scott has enough strength to work on deep muscle tension, and the knowledge to target exactly where to target his impressive strength for maximum therapeutic effect."

"Scott is a unique talent & I could not recommend him more highly."


"If you are looking for a professional, strong, thorough massage, this is it.  You will not find a better massage in San Francisco.  Very strong large hands and a calm demeanor, plus an intricate knowledge of the body make this the perfect massage experience.  It just doesn't get any better."


"I believe that Scott offers something unique among the many massage therapists I have experienced. I am a good sized man, 6' 170 lb. Sky is like 6'8 and very strong!  My body really benefited from his size and strength - his ability to work deep and strong constantly through the full session. When I got off the table, I literally felt like I was levitating as I walked around after the session. I have no reservations about recommending Sky, especially if you like strong massage."


"It's always a gamble to find someone to come into your home without a referral, but Scott was wonderful. very at ease and comfortable. the massage was one of the best I've had.  I was giddy for a full day after that. my body felt totally refreshed and reinvigorated - if I could, I'd schedule one every week!"


"I have had countless massages over the years and have tried pretty much every kind there is.. I can't say enough about the bodywork I just received from Scott.  He was very professional, on time and tailored the session to address specific issues I had with tight back muscles and really painful sciatica and piriformis issues.  The unique approach he used coupling bodywork with active stretching worked wonders and I can say I am now a raving fan and will definitely be using his services again.  I also don't write online reviews but thought it was well worth while to give him a rave review because I have had trouble finding good bodywork professionals.  My search has ended thanks Scott!"


"A massage from you was everything a professional massage should be.  I felt cared for and honored, relaxed and blissful, free and limber, and deeply soothed.  Not only are you incredibly knowledgeable about anatomy, your huge healing hands delivered your gentle power, disarming my muscular, emotional, and mental tension.  One of the real unique treats for a large man like myself, is that your size allows you touch my heels and my head easily, your hands cover my large back, and I felt like you pulled apart my tensions as easily as I've pulled apart an overcooked chicken.  Thank you so much for your excellent work.  I'll be seeing you again."


"I have been getting monthly massages from Scott for the past 9 months. That experience alone is worth 5 stars, but that's not what this review is about. My wife is 9 months pregnant and she just had two 90 minute prenatal massages from Scott in the past 7 days. She had an absolutely wonderful experience and I highly recommend this as a gift from a husband to their pregnant wife. The fact that Scott comes to your house makes it very convenient for the pregnant woman to have the massage in her own environment. Scott is very skilled with different massage techniques and it made for an incredibly relaxing experience for my wife. Scott is very prompt with his appointment times and respectful that he is in somebody else's home. His prices are competitive with a spa and you have to factor in the convenience of him coming to your home."

"I wish I could keep Scott a secret so I don't have any scheduling issues as he gets more and more popular. However, he's such a great guy that I'm very happy for his business to be flourishing. You will be very happy if you book a massage with Scott!"


"The two most amazing massages I've ever experienced were both with Scott. After a two hour session with him earlier this evening, I fondly called him the Michael Phelps of bodyworkers because at 6'8" and 270 pounds, he's genetically gifted with strong, massive hands that are up for working out whatever kinks your body may desire to release."

"With an incredibly relaxing presence, phenomenally intuitive touch, and limitless physical prowess, I have found Sky to be my #1 choice for next level bodywork... which is saying a lot because I've experienced many other quality massage therapists over the years."


"I have been looking for a good massage therapist in the city for some time. My search is now over! Scott is excellent - whether it's craniosacral work for my headaches or just generally working the kinks out of my sore and knotted-up muscles, he gets the job done. After a session I always sleep like a baby and wake up feeling limber." 

"Scott has great bedside (massage tableside?) manner, so to speak. He explains what he is doing and knows a great deal about body therapy in general. His demeanor is super mellow. Also he has giant, and I mean enormous, hands. They are huge. Good quality for a massage therapist, I have to say. Good stuff all around."


"Scott is a loving, gifted and amazingly talented massage therapist. I can't describe to you how good I feel after receiving bodywork from him (usually 90 minutes to 2 hours is best!) Sometimes after deep therapeutic work I'm left feeling drained and pummeled. After receiving from Scott, my whole body is tingling, light, airy, and NEW! He does very deep work, but makes sure to enter into the muscle groupings in an orderly fashion, slowly opening up the fascia, tricking the body into total relaxation. He is truly one of the best therapists I have been to, and has a big heart to boot! Get your massage today! Make an investment into your well being."


"Scott is a warm, kind massage therapist who has a great shiatsu/thai massage technique that I find very effective. He has helped to reset my back, shoulder and upper arm after months of physical stress. The fact that he does house calls only is a great bonus. It's much more relaxing to not have to make a massage yet another errand."


"I was referred to Scott by a friend...I had continuous tingling and numbing with my arm/elbow/shoulder...Major issues!  He was very intuitive on what  and where my pressure points were, physically and mentally (WORK)!!!  LOL!  He managed to reset my whole my body pretty much...knocked the level of pain and discomfort down by at least 4 notches and managed to get me more aware with my breathing and how it affects my whole body!"

"He is an effective listener and knows how to get you more in tune with your body and relax in order to work through the kinks." 

"Over all I highly recommend him!  He got along great with my 4 dogs and cat, and will be making the session a regular occurrence...especially with new projects in the horizon at work!  LOL!"

"THANK YOU Scott, you ROCK!"


"Getting a massage from Sky is like being held, nurtured, and healed by a loving mountain.  His physical size alone, about 6'6 and 250-300 muscled pounds, allowed him to effortlessly work my sore body in the best possible ways, without ever feeling overpowering or too forceful.  His deft sensitivity found my tight spots and gently, masterfully opened them, leaving me completely relaxed and blissed.  You owe it to yourself to experience his talented, devoted hands."


"My Mom had a stroke last year on Mother's Day and is wheelchair bound.  Scott has been working with her on a regular basis to relieve the tension in her back, arms, shoulders, etc.  She is relearning to walk and talk again and Scott has played a huge role in her recovery.  My Mom's body goes through so much physically with squat pivoting her to bed, turning her in bed, sitting in a wheelchair, and learning to walk again.  It's hard on the body.  Scott has helped relieved her pain and relaxed her mind.  I love that he comes to our house and can work with her on her hospital bed.  It's perfect.  Thankful for his years of experience and his good nature.  Wish I could get her a massage everyday!"


"ALL I can say is OMG!!! I have NEVER, I repeat NEVER had a massage like the one Scott just gave me. I laughed, I cried, I even got a charlie horse BUT I tell you you made me want to shout!!  I felt so relaxed afterward and a little lighter (I don't know how that worked out)." 

"I unequivocally recommend him to everyone. Scott has a very nice disposition and a calming way about him. He was very careful with me but the areas where I needed him to kick it up a bit he did. His hands are truly his instrument. Do yourself a favor and call this guy. If you don't you will kick yourself for not doing it and then you'll really need him!"


"I have had massages from many different people over the last 5 years, bud nothing has compared to my massage with Whole New Body.  I have suffered from shoulder pain for years, probably from college sports.  Normally, a massage helps alleviate the pain for a day at most, but my shoulders felt loose and limber for weeks after Scott worked with me."  

"I am always nervous going to a new person for massage, but Scott made everything easy.  He came to me, asked me what I needed and wanted, and worked with me to help get that.  Never before have I met someone that was able to use the amount of strength Scott did, without hurting me or making me uncomfortable."

"I would definitely recommend Scott for any type of bodywork you might need... whether it be for chronic pain or just to relax!"



"Scott is an amazing giant of a man who will take your whole body on a wild yet gentle ride to the greatest levels of relaxation you have ever known. Seriously. His strength and control allow him to massage you deeply without an ounce of pain. Once his hands touched me, I instantly knew he would be completely in charge while listening to my every directions and reactions. Some massage therapists plop you on the table and move to their own music, but Scott will follow the rhythm of YOUR body and leave you restored, strong and relaxed all at once. Thank you Scott!"


"I had my first experience with Scott's massage two years ago and I have seen him many times since.  He is an expert in his field.  I love bodywork and Scott is one of my favorites for several reasons:"

"1. He has a really smooth and fluid touch.  I think massage can easily be compared to music.  Sometimes the nature of a melody moves you to a place of bliss and that is how I feel about Scott's massage.  Through the melody of his flow, you can enter a place of meditative healing."

"2. He is very professional and experienced.  The thing with massage is that someone can have great intentions, but without knowledge and experience you can only go so far.  Scott knows the muscular system and uses his experience to help you feel better in your body." 

"3.  He goes to your house, which is awesome!!!  Its so annoying to have to go to a spa, get all blissed out, and then have to brave the  cold to get to your car or bus.  I'd rather stay home and feel warm and happy!"

"All in all, it is my opinion that Scott is an amazing Massage Therapist and everyone should experience a massage from him!"


"Scott is an amazing massage therapist. I've had 100's of massages over my life and he was a unique and powerful experience. He is a mountain of a man and his strength integrated with sensitivity really added to the experience."

"Do yourself a favor and hook this massage up."