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73% of people who set a fitness goal fail before reaching it. Half of those give up within the first 6 weeks.

We’ve all been there.

We begin with optimism, full of energy and willpower.

Inevitably, our energy wanes.

Our willpower weakens.

Old habits reassert themselves.

Willpower alone isn’t enough.

To create new habits, you need new systems.

To transcend your energy, you need a community.

Welcome to Whole New Body



Whole New Body offers a complete Body Transformation Curriculum.

Here’s How it Works.

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A full 85-minute private session to assess and prepare.

Every body is unique, and everyone starts in a different place. Before we begin it’s important to assess your starting mobility, core strength, and joint strength.

This one-on-one session also allows us to introduce many of the key concepts and techniques we’ll be working with in your mastery classes, getting you up to speed as swiftly as possible.



State-of-the-art medical diagnostics reveal your unique metabolism.

We’ve partnered with DexaFit to provide each of our students complimentary body composition and metabolic testing.

This data enables us to create meal plans tailored to your unique metabolism, individual goals, and personal palate, creating the consistency it takes to induce dramatic physiological and psychological change.

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What P.E. class should have been.

More than just a workout, our Body Mastery Classes provide a real physical education. Learn to understand your own form and function, while building strength, mobility, balance, and skill.

Our classes are limited to a maximum of 10 students to ensure the highest quality attention, and you may select from enrollment plans offering 2, 3, or 4 days per week.

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Dive deeper at your own pace.

Whole New Body is proud to be the first worldwide affiliate of the Strength Moves Academy Federation, the finest online elite body transformation academy in the world.

Your Whole New Body membership includes 12 months access to an extensive library of online course materials including full progressions for each exercise and deep-dive presentations on functional anatomy.

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It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this…

When you become a member of Whole New Body you’re joining a select group of fellow students who share your goal of a stronger, leaner, more capable body. A community ready to support you, cheer you on, lift you up when you falter, and celebrate your successes.

Discover a whole new level of accountability in our private Facebook group, and join us for special events like workshops by guest instructors, and our monthly Stretching and Brunch Sundays.






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The following results are not “atypical.”

They are the result of following the program.

day by day, week by week, month by month.

Transformation is a process.

It doesn’t happen overnight.

But is it within your reach.

Find a process that works for you, and stay the course until your goal is achieved.


Evan Mooney

In his own words:

“I’ve worked with Scott a little more than a year now. In that time I’ve lost 80 pounds and my body fat percentage has dropped from the high 30’s to around 14 percent. The first key to my success was that I was ready. If you’re not ready it doesn’t matter how good a trainer or program you have. I was ready to change my life. I no longer wanted to feel fat and slow and uncomfortable.  I wanted to feel lean and strong and healthy. Scott has been instrumental in helping me achieve that. He is very knowledgeable, patient and encouraging. He is empathetic with the struggle to overcome the thoughts and emotions that prevent us from achieving health and fitness goals. I’m now lighter than at any time in my adult life. I couldn’t have done this without Scott's expert assistance. He took me from the starting point of being willing to change my body and took me further than I thought I could go. Highly recommended.“

Scott’s observations:

When Evan first called me, the emotion was palpable in his voice. The desire to change. Belief that he could but also sadness and frustration and fear left over from previous failed attempts. We talked about how tricky our own minds can be. How often what holds us back is a seemingly irrational panic that arises as we begin to move towards a transformation. Not unlike death throes, the parts of ourselves we know we need to change but fear letting go of. Yet through the ups and downs of the process he stayed the course. His initial fat loss took a year to complete and then we spent another two years working on his strength and form. I watched him go from struggling to walk up a flight of stairs to going on 40 mile bike rides and learning handstands. He is emblematic of the power inherent in the human spirit.


Naresh Kuppaswamy

In his own words:

“Had a shoulder dislocation surgery in 2016 and after that I stopped going to the gym and combined with my bad eating habits made me gain a lot of weight. I felt bad about the way I looked and ultimately decided to get a personal trainer who could work with my injured shoulder and also motivate me to get back in shape. After interviewing a few I zeroed in to Scott. He was not only confident about his approach towards training me but was also extremely knowledgeable. We scheduled a call and spoke for an hour about what he could do to make my shoulder strong and help me reduce weight. I started my training with Scott on 06/26/18. I did a DEXA scan which Scott recommended and was shocked to see 206lbs with 30% body fat! Scott put me on a calculated diet and training two days a week with him and cardio the remaining days. Within 60 days I lost 14lbs of fat and was down to 24% body fat. I started feeling extremely strong and confident about myself which motivated me to push my body even more…I got into a motorcycle accident and I injured my wrist which restricted my movements. I was disappointed but Scott assuresed me not to be stressed and helped me train with what I could do and not force any exercise that would stress my wrist. We were pretty much only doing lower body and abdomen. Today on 09/27/18 I did another DXA scan and was overwhelmed to find I was down to 180lbs with 18.9% body fat and had also gained 6lbs of muscle. All the credit goes to Scott for this amazing transformation. He is the best Trainer I have had who had immense knowledge about the body and was able to work extremely well with my injured shoulder and strengthening it. Thanks a lot Scott for helping me reach my goals within 90days.“

Scott’s Observations:

Naresh really stuck with the program, especially the meal plan we had created for him. After his motorcycle accident we had him reevaluated and adjusted his caloric intake to account for his reduced activity during recovery so his fat loss would continue progressing. I give all credit back to him for showing up, not giving up, and putting in the work.

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Dav Yaginuma

“Out of shape and in my late 40’s, I managed to get into the best shape of my life in about six to nine months of working ~ twice a week with Scott and following his diet plan.“

”After a fairly active and fit young adulthood including college era athletics, I had been in a long decline and decided to do something about it. I had been a massage client of his for a couple of years, and he often talked about his ideas about fitness training during sessions. I have been a computer geek since the early 80s, and there was something I recognized in the way he talked about anatomy, diet and training. He really nerded out on it. I’d never worked with a personal trainer before, but if I was going to start I wanted it to be someone like Scott who was smart, scientific minded and flat out obsessed with it. I was also attracted to his body-weight training approach. Being a weight lifting gym rat was never my thing, and I had always preferred body-weight style training. The fact that he did circus-type training as well was intriguing (handstands are no-joke crazy hard!).”

”Anyhow. He’s the real deal. Each session was always something different. He constantly was adapting the routines to fit my current needs (maybe I had a bit of an injury to work around, etc). We used Dexafit scans to track progress objectively. I honestly doubt there’s any better trainer in the City.”

Scott’s Observations:

Dav was one of my first honest to goodness clients, who allowed me to take ideas I’d been honing for a decade and put them into practice with another person. As you can see, his results speak for themselves!



Q. I’m completely new to fitness. can I still attend?

A. Absolutely. Like any new endeavor there might be a bit of a learning curve, which is why we offer all of our enrollments a complimentary private session to assess where you’re starting from and get you up to speed as quickly as possible. You’ll have an incredible amount of support from your peers both in class and online, and a wealth of supplementary materials to learn from as you go. This program was built by and for people who are starting from square one, or even zero.


Q. I’m more advanced. Will I still get a challenge?

A. The beauty of our system is that it’s progression based. Every exercise will have difficulty variations depending on your ability and form, allowing for people of varying levels take the same class. If any given exercise is too easy of difficult we simply slide the work toward the appropriate progression or regression until you find your working edges.


Q. I have an old or recent injury. Can I still attend class?

A. If either of these apply to you, we’ll require a doctor’s note clearing you for participation, along with any restrictions or modifications needed. This work is an amazing compliment to, but not a replacement for, medically prescribed physical therapy.


Q. Can I Attend attend a trial class/classes before enrolling?

A. We don’t allow drop-in or trial classes out of respect for the students who have made a commitment to train. It would be disruptive to the flow and progression of both our classes and community building to have a lot of people coming in and out of class. We do offer free consultations and trial private sessions for those who want to experience some of what we have to offer before making a commitment, as we know it is one, and want to make sure this is the right fit as much as you.


Q. So you do offer one on one Training?

A. Yes, private sessions are available for current members who want to hone their class work with intensive one-on-one focus. We want to preserve the availability of these time slots for current students but non-members may try one out before deciding to enroll.


Q. Why do you charge an annual admission fee?

A. First and foremost because we want to keep our class sizes and overall enrollments low. If we simply wanted to maximize revenue we could pack in half-again as many additional students in but quality in everything is our highest priority. Our students are willing to pay a premium for the value of intentional under-enrollment. Second, we charge more upfront to ensure that those joining our community are going to be committed to the work and to supporting each other. It’s a serious investment for a priceless return. Even with our admissions fee, our price per hour over the course of a year is competitive against other fitness studios that are packed to the gills with dozens of students and that’s before you add back in the thousands of dollars worth of additional benefits and value included into even our baseline membership. There’s simply nothing on the market that compares to what we offer.