Origin: Japanese, from ‘way, pursuit’ + ‘a place’.

Literally: Place of the Way


More than just another fitness studio…

The Whole New Body Dojo has been purpose-built to support our unique curriculum.

A temple dedicated to the strength and beauty inherent in the human form.

Where we congregate to explore the nuance and power of our untapped potential.

  • All of our training surfaces are made from beautiful polished hardwoods that are both highly durable and have an amazing feel, being much more forgiving on the hands than cold metal.

  • Experience the buoyancy and joint benefits of our 500 square foot raised training floor elevated on 5 inch industrial springs, and 2 inches of gymnastics-grade carpet-bonded foam.

  • Every student has access to a full-size designer locker equipped with a USB phone charger to store belongings during class.


    Located in the Heart of SOMA

    Central to the Financial District, The Embarcadero, the Dogpatch, Potrero Hill, and the Inner Mission.


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