Transformation is Difficult

Believe me, I know.

I’ve struggled my entire life with my body and my body image.

On the surface it seems so simple to just eat less and move more.

Yet for most us, making any kind of radical change can be freakishly difficult.

A psychological shift has to occur, one that can be difficult for others to understand if they’ve never struggled with their body before.

How many resolutions, New Year’s and otherwise, have we all made and failed at?

Why is it so hard to change old habits, and so easy to fall back into them?

Why does self-discipline seemingly come so easy for some and feel impossible for others?

More Importantly: HOW do we flip that switch, to make what now seems difficult become, effortless and integrated?

How Do we make a Real Transformation?

It’s NOT easy.

In many ways it is one of the hardest endeavors a person can do.

In most case it takes a total re-patterning of our thoughts and behaviors.

Our society, our lives, and our work were not designed to optimize for maximum physical prowess, health, or longevity.

More importantly, what is it really costing us, as individuals and as a society?


70% of U.S. Workers with full-time desk jobs…

80% of the world suffering from back pain...  

1/3 of the earth overweight...  

99% of the human population not ever reaching their true potential...  

Mothers with Diastasis Recti and doctors who say they’ll never have core strength again...  

30-year-old fathers with vertebrae like an old man...  

Rotator cuffs that require cortisone shots and WD40...  

Vertebrae fused together...  

Hamstrings as tight as guitar strings...  

Athletes riddled with arthritis and retired by 30 or 40...  

Fitness buffs so brittle they can’t even do BASIC, yes BASIC, movements like backbends, and vertical handstands...let alone from any angle.  

Personal trainers and coaches with certifications and degrees, but no skills or ability to pass them on to their clients.

An education system that stymies our physical and mental health.

$230 billion per year spent on PASSIVE treatments.

The average adult spending $100,000 in their lifetime on "fitness" with nothing to show for it.


And remember these numbers are all national averages or low-balled figures.

The problem with this kind of incremental expenditure over a long duration is that people don’t realize how much it’s already cost them and how little they’ve accomplished...

Still no handstands, Backbends, or muscle ups, let alone advanced skills!

8-10 years is enough time to go from complete couch potato to elite level acrobat, yet year after year people are paying huge sums to tread metaphorical water or barely make any forward progress.

If you are putting in the effort day after day year after year but never seem to be making progress then there is a problem with your training modality.

Others will spend the same amount (sometimes even less), in a shorter period of time to accomplish 100x what the average person does because of one thing…


Look at any gymnast or high level athlete that can do flares, flips, press handstands, and muscle ups as basics.

They’ve invested at least 10 years of time. Just at minimum wage, that’s over $50,000 of time invested...or wasted if you still can’t do it.

People who know how to invest to shorten the time will spend at least $5,000 per year on a coach.

Either way, it adds up.

Unless you have FOCUS.

Inforgraphic 4.jpg

The BODY and the MIND are ONE


Our minds are deeply connected to our bodies, and if our bodies fade, so too will our minds.

The health of our bodies has a direct impact upon our brains and how engaged we can be.

One of the single most powerful ways to overcome the obstacles in our own lives is through PHYSICAL TRAINING toward HIGHER LEVEL STRENGTH AND SKILL.

Physical action towards progressively higher levels of strength and ultimately skill is the step by step process through which the brain rewires itself and the body is sculpted for lifelong health

And that neural landscape is the foundation upon which the rest of your life is built

Training the body is extremely valuable.

It will allow access to many more options that might not be accessible if the body is unhealthy or weak.

Due to neuroplasticity, movement patterns reshape the brain and make you mentally stronger. 


The body is a TOOL for making the mind strong, just as the mind is a tool for making the body strong.

Thus, conquering your physical training should be your utmost priority.

Yet many people avoid action.

Taking ACTION requires the mind and the BODY.

The mind has to be kept engaged through the physical action of the body.

Whatever a person chooses to do, they have to engage in physical action to become a conqueror. The most successful people are physically active.

One of the most important steps to take in preparing for action is the development of strength and mobility.

A body that is strong and can move provides even more opportunities in life.

It is the vehicle that can take many more avenues towards success.

ONE THAT isn’t limited by fatigue or frailty.

A BODY THAT is Full of Energy and Power.


MASTERY of your body is your BIRTHRIGHT


My name is Scott Strong.

Whole New Body is my passion project.

The culmination and continuation of my life’s work.

For more than two decades I’ve studied the body, movement, nutrition, and personal growth.

What began as a response to understanding and overcoming my own pain has become a purpose and a mission to HELP others.

To create the kind of fitness program I WISH I’d had growing up…

what P.E. Class should have been.

A REAL physical education.

A practical user manual for our own bodies covering structure, proper maintenance, improvement, and troubleshooting.



WHOLE NEW BODY is a complete body transformation curriculum.

Every student goes through an individual assessment as well as metabolic testing and imaging.

Data-Driven Diet Planning is tailored to your unique metabolism, individual goals, and personal palate.

Classes are small, limited to a maximum of 10 students.

We focus on physical education and mastery, building the body from the inside out, from beginner to advanced strength and skill.

One on one private training sessions are available to current members.

Every student receives access to our extensive online curriculum for deeper study.

This is NOT about just learning 1 skill.

This is NOT about gimmicks.

This is NOT a stale training regimen.

This is NOT a a do-it-yourself program.

This is NOT a drop-in class for dabblers.

This is NOT some cheap monthly subscription.

This is a high impact, high energy, outcomes based, transformational process.

A system of coaching grounded in results that will dramatically change your outlook about strength, skill, and health!

However it’s a lot of hard work from all parties involved.

It requires a significant investment because of the depth, breadth, scope, sequence, and duration of training.

And it requires a lot of FOCUS from the student.

To ensure you get the most out of the program we have intentionally limited our available enrollments well below our maximum capacity:


Are you ready to go to the next level?

If you are, we’re ready to help you.